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Our Work


How We Work

Our mission is to foster human-centered organizations that have the wisdom to thrive, culturally and financially, both today and into the future. An organization is a group of people with diverse needs working towards a shared purpose. Building an organization that thrives requires understanding that purpose and those needs and designing structures, practices, and cultures that support them.

Our work is grounded in human-centered design practices. We use co-creation to capitalize on human diversity, break through hidden biases, and unlock the wisdom of teams. We cultivate fun, play, and positive mental and emotional states as a way to overcome collective challenges. We embrace innovation as both a motivating force and as a goal in itself. 


Exploration - Deep listening for challenges and bright spots
Formation - Framing what is
Conception - Co-creating new possibilities
Validation - Experimenting to find what works
Implementation - Setting designs in motion
Reflection - Assessing collective outcomes 


Our Toolbox